Celebrating CRC’s 50th Anniversary

See CRC’s video about its mission and history

Community leaders at our celebration at the Executive Mansion: (L-R) NC House Representative Cynthia Ball, Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarland and North Carolina First Lady Kristin Cooper.

Among the guests was Rosalie Gates, who was executive director of CRC for 25 of the 50 years, from 1981 to 2006, with her son to the left and Frank Rizzo of William Peace University on the right.

Another featured guest—the official dog of the Governor’s Mansion!

See the full 2018 Economic Impact Study

Michael Walden, NC State economics professor, gave the highlights from his 2018 Economic Impact Study at the anniversary celebration.

Key Economic Impact Study Facts

• The six CRC campuses contributed an estimated $9 billion to the Wake County economy.

• They accounted for almost 219,000 jobs for faculty, staff, students, alumni and supplier firms.

• The totals represent 22 percent of all wage and salary income in the local economy and 40 percent of all Wake County jobs in that year.

Total income effects in separate categories

o Faculty and staff salaries—$1124.6 million
o Operations expenses (excluding salaries and financial aid)—$690.4 million
o Spending by current students—$682.5 million
o Spending by alumni living in the area—$6380.5 million
o Spending on construction—$139 million
o Spending on athletic and cultural events—$28.9 million

TOTAL—$9,045.9 million

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