Taking Courses & Sharing Resources

If you’re a full-time student at any CRC college or university, you can take courses at the other schools without any extra costs. You can also use the other libraries.

The basic criteria for cross-registration: be full time and taking courses in the fall and spring semesters (not summer). Most online courses do not accept CRC registrations. Check with your own college or university for how many courses you can take per semester and for your total for graduation. Always start by talking to your adviser.

Inter-Campus Cross Registration

  1. Start with your adviser.
  2. Explore the course listings at the other colleges (see links to the right).
  3. Get all appropriate signatures and then go to the Registrar’s Office on your home campus.

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Inter-Campus Library Use

Faculty Members:
Go to your home institution’s library for a CRC Library Privilege Card.

Go to your home library to get a ‘direct library loan request’ form.

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Why go to another campus for a CRC course?

  • To take a course not offered on your own campus
  • To keep on track for graduation
  • To experience life on a different campus. Raleigh is fortunate to have such a variety of colleges and universities: a large state multi-faceted university, two historically black colleges, a woman’s college, the largest community college in the state and a downtown university.

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