Student Testimonials

“It Helped Me Graduate on Time”

“I was surprised to learn that I could take any class that was available at any of the schools in the CRC program for free. I took a class at Meredith without paying any additional tuition and the credits were easily transferable. I’m majoring in Agricultural Business Management and was worried about graduating on time. A friend of my mother’s enlightened me about the possibilities of the CRC program, and I was ecstatic to discover I could take an Early Childhood Development class at Meredith. Everyone was cooperative and the process went smoothly after NCSU’s registration department faxed the form to Meredith. I would definitely recommend the CRC program to friends!”

Collynn Webster (NC State student)

“I Got To Take Part in a Valuable Activity”

“I’ve been a competition baton twirler, but Meredith didn’t have a way to compete at a collegiate level. When I was a senior at Meredith I was able to take a marching band class at NC State. I got to participate with their marching band during fall and spring football pre-games and sometimes for high school exhibitions.

Meredith is a great school for dance, but being an all girls’ school I don’t get the chance to showcase my abilities as a baton twirler. Price, who has been a baton twirler for almost fifteen years, is able to do what she loves through the help of CRC.

I was thrilled when I found out that this class although only one credit, counted as a music credit as well at Meredith. The registration process was uncomplicated and I’d encourage others to enroll in the CRC program.”

Samantha Price, Meredith College student (took a class at NC State)

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