Connecting college students to Raleigh

Explore life off campus

A Social Media Project for Exploring the Community

CRC students, get out and enjoy Raleigh by following Cooperating Raleigh Colleges’ new social media project, #RaleighCollegeConnection. The campaign aims to help students at all six CRC institutions find affordable events to attend, clubs and restaurants to patronize, and much more. No more lounging only on campus!

The RaleighCollegeConnection social media project is conducted by the CRC social media manager interns who check out what’s happening in the city and on all the campuses for entertainment and enlightenment. The interns try out food, check out downtown and other city events, shops, and campus cultural and fun events. This is a city loaded with college students but sometimes it’s hard to know what all is happening.

How do you get involved? By searching the hashtag #RaleighCollegeConnection or following the RaleighCollegeConnection on Instagram and College Connection on Twitter. All students are encouraged to retweet and post your own ideas.

Meet the Guys who Started the Project

This project came to life with two Saint Augustine’s students in a public relations class. Donald Carey (top) and Jaquan Leary started it for a class project and then asked to take it further. Both are Journalism and Mass Communications majors exploring a variety of career options in public relations, broadcasting and marketing. We want to keep the project moving, so other CRC college students are encouraged to apply for the internship or to help with the project informally. Contact CRC Director Jenny Spiker at

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