Adjunct Faculty Workshop on Feb. 8, 2017—Diversity in the Classroom

Diversity in the College Classroom, Feb. 8 workshop at Meredith College

Focusing on Diversity in the College Classroom—Dr. Rupert W. Nacoste of NC State University discussed neo-diversity in the classroom in this era of sensitivity and awareness about working with students from many different backgrounds and experiences. Participants left the workshop having discussed the following objectives:

1. A clear definition of neo-diversity
2. Strategies for managing neo-diversity from the first day of class
3. Examples of safe-space statements for your syllabus
4. Seven principles for effective college teaching
5. Six princiles of classroom management
6. How to facilitate difficult conservations

Learn more about Dr Nacoste from a News & Observer article

Dr. Rupert W. Nacoste, workshop facilitator
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor of Psychology at NC State University

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