Second Workshop for adjunct faculty—Sept. 16, 2014

“The New Science of Learning: How to Learn in Harmony with Your Brain”

Tuesday, Sept. 16, Meredith College, 6-7:45 p.m., free

Many educators continue to struggle with how best to proceed from delivering lectures to creating truly effective learning environments. In addition, students struggle to understand the best way to learn in our classrooms. The result can be class sessions that are difficult and frustrating to teach with students who appear apathetic and indifferent toward learning.

In this session, through active learning, participants discovered how effective evidence-based teaching practices can be aligned with effective evidence-based learning strategies to create classrooms where students enthusiastically participate, are interested in course content and effectively contribute to their own learning.

Outcomes: After completing this workshop, participants were expected to be able to:
—Discover evidence-based teaching practices to encourage student participation, engagement and learning
—Participate in active learning strategies
—Enhance student interest in course content

“Thank you for supporting part-time, adjunct, and non-tenure track faculty. We are growing and we need professional development opportunities.”
—From one of the 40 plus participants

Dr. Todd Zakrajsek, workshop facilitator

Meet our Facilitator. Dr. Zakrajsek is the Executive Director of the Academy of Educators in the School of Medicine and an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill. He is immediate past Executive Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence at UNC-Chapel Hill.

See the flyer with more details about the presenter, directions and how to register

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