February 2018 Workshop for Adjunct Professors on Active Learning Strategies

“10 Active Learning Strategies You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less to Engage Students”

On Feb. 21, 2018 adjunct faculty members from all six CRC colleges and universities came together for a hands-on workshop. Dr. Barbi Honeycutt led the group with this concept:

“You don’t have to re-design your entire course to increase student engagement and improve learning. By adding a few active learning strategies to your classroom, you can increase student engagement, encourage collaboration, and improve learning and retention. In this highly interactive workshop, you will participate in 10 different flipped and active learning strategies you can immediately apply to your classes. Each strategy is informed by research, grounded in theory, and designed for practical application. “

Learning Outcomes:
• Participate in 10 different active learning strategies that take 10 minutes or less.
• Discuss how each strategy can be adapted to different learning environments.
• Reflect on how to adapt one of the activities for your own course.

Barbi Honeycutt, workshop facilitator

Comments from participants in the workshop:
o Excellent facilitator!
o Great workshop
o Thank you very much!
o Excellent workshop. Thanks!
o This was fantastic.

Learn more about Barbi Honeycutt and her FlipIt Consulting firm at www.barbihoneycutt.com

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