March 30, 2015 Workshop for Adjuncts on Critical Thinking

March 30 workshop at the Wake Tech Main Campus

At this interactive workshop adjunct faculty from all six CRC institutions heard from an expert on critical thinking in the classroom and learned from other adjuncts in our community. This is was the third workshop for the part-time faculty who are so important to all of our CRC institutions: Meredith College, NC State University, Saint Augustine’s University, Shaw University, Wake Tech Community College and William Peace University. The workshop considered these questions:

1. Why does critical thinking (CT) matter?
2. What is CT?
3. How can we help our students and ourselves cultivate and care about CT?
4. How can we and they assess thinking in terms of CT?
5. What does CT leave out or need to be integrated with?

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Dr. Patti Clayton, workshop facilitator

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