Workshop for adjunct faculty—Sept. 24, 2015:  “Technology and Teaching”

This hands-on workshop was about “Technology and Teaching: Strategies for easier integration and improved student engagement.” Participants brought their own devices—laptops, tablets or smart phones. They heard from presenter Sarah Glova, an expert in using technology in education, met in small groups to share solutions to scenarios and got individual help.

These were the workshop goals:

1. List current tech tools and describe ways they are used
2. Explain the value of a pedagogy-first approach to instructional technology and discuss the SAMIR model and other IT integration theories
3. Compare the benefits of teacher or – student-curated resources with teacher – or student-created resources
4. Create or collect new content using innovative instructional and collaborative tech tools
5. Anticipate potential barriers to technology integration within individual classes, departments or colleges, and universities
6. Revise a current activity or assignment to include an appropriate technology integration strategy

Sarah Glova is the president of Reify Media, a web development and elearning consulting firm in the Research Triangle Park. She and her team develop website and elearning solutions for companies, universities and associations. She has a master’s degree in Technical Communications and is pursuing a doctorate in Instructional Technology. She taught technical writing at NC State.

Learn more about Sarah Glova at and on Twitter @ReifyMedia

Sarah Glova, workshop facilitator

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