2011 Library Workshop

2011 Library Workshop: “Building on the Best of the Old and New”

More than 40 library staff members from all five CRC colleges and universities gathered again this summer (July 14th) at Meredith College to share expertise and ideas.

With keynote speakers like Robert Burgin and Raye Oldham (top left) and demonstrations of recent technology, attendees compared notes on how much libraries have changed—and continue to change. One of the best parts of the day was the chance to talk with library staff members from other CRC colleges (bottom photos). The organizing committee for this year’s workshop was Jean Rick from Meredith, Nate Hellmers from Peace, Jahala Simuel from Shaw, Jenny Townes from Saint Augustine’s, Karen DeWitt from NC State and Jenny Spiker, CRC Director.

Topics and Presenters

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“Library Grants in a Challenging Economic Climate”

Robert Burgin (photo top left) and Raye Oldham (photo top left)

“From Coffee to Exhibits: Mobile Services at NCSU Libraries”

(graphic above) with Jason Casden and Cory Lown

“What College Students Think of their Libraries”

Panelists Diamond Bethea from Peace and George Hallowell from NC State
(2nd photo in middle to the left)

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