Emergency management projects

From all areas of campus responsibility CRC personnel come together to study & coordinate emergency management

Two regular CRC committees felt the need at once: Leaders of the Student Affairs and Finance Committees both talked about how important it is for campuses to be prepared for emergencies—from major storms to shooter incidents. And they realized how important it is to connect with the emergency management resources in the city and county we share. The result? In 2013-14 people from all six campuses plus city and county leaders began meeting to address the issues. The first large group session took place on April 11th when CRC’s chief community liaison from Wake County, Steve Newton, led a session on emergency management planning. Then on July 30th, the group took part in a table top exercise led by NCSU’s Katina Blue and Joe Darkoh. The participants dealt with a tornado that affected all six colleges.

Photos: Top right—Steve Newton leads the April 11th emergency management session and three July 30th participants huddle in the hallway with news about the tornado. Left: Katina Blue leads the table top exercise on July 30th and at both events several groups convene according to their areas of expertise. At the table top event teams had to respond to continuously flowing paperwork with new problems with the disaster.

Who’s Involved? Check out these contact lists

Campus and Community Contacts

Participant list for April 11, 2014 event

Participant list for July 30, 2014 event

Participant list for Feb. 12, 2015 event

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