Cyber Security Table Top Workshop on June 24, 2019

The Cyber Security workshop on June 24, 2019 at Meredith College had participants take part in a scenario-based cyber security exercise that highlighted strategic business decision points and corresponding technical concerns that should be considered when responding to a significant cybersecurity incident. Participants were engaged in a scripted 4-hour functional/hybrid exercise that included injects and scenarios led by an Exercise Facilitator.

Exercise objectives:
1. Assess ability of the training audience to detect and properly react to hostile activity during the exercise.
2. Assess the organization’s capability to determine operational impacts of cyber-attacks and implement proper recovery procedures for the exercise.
3. Expose and correct weaknesses in cyber security systems and cyber operations policies and procedures.
4. Determine what enhancements or capabilities are needed to protect an information system and provide for operations in a hostile environment.
5. Enhance cyber awareness, readiness, and coordination.
6. Discuss cyber insurance from a market professional’s perspective, including likely gaps in coverage.

This workshop in June gathered a variety of participants representing positions including network engineers, directors of public safety, IT project managers, campus police officers, registrars and desk managers. The leader (above) was Katina Blue, a chief information officer at the NC Office of the State Auditor and the IT Project Program Manager at the NC Department of Information Technology. She also served at NC State as Director of IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity and has been involved with a number of CRC’s security workshops.

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