Violence Prevention and Threat Assessment Workshop

Dr. Tina Nelson-Moss, Program Manager of the NC State Violence Prevention and Threat Management Program and NC State Risk Assessment Case Manager (RACM), gave a presentation on Nov. 15, 2016 with an emphasis on campus teams dedicated to violence prevention and threat assessment. She talked about how NC State has developed its team and processes. She stressed how important it is to have a wide variety of people on the team and said the team should consider the following:

• Who will take the lead?
• Who do you interview first?
• How do you do your data gathering?
• What assessment tools do you use?
• How do you do follow-up?
• What are your expectations?
• Do you have a threshold document?
• What are your criteria for closure?

For more details on her presentation, see the link to the PDF copy of her Power Point presentation on the right.

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