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Intramurals: A place for fun and exercise

By Blake Stacy
Saint Augustine’s University

Intramural sports are a great way to get students together to have fun on the CRC campuses. Everyone can’t make a college sports team, but being able to play with your friends and other students can be just as much fun and a great outlet for exercise. The sports vary widely, such as flag football, 3-on-3 basketball, dodge ball, kick ball, ultimate frisbee and wally ball.

CRC schools like Saint Augustine’s University, Shaw University, William Peace University, and North Carolina State University all have intramural sports for their students. Meredith College has club sports similar to intramurals.

The seasons are often long enough so teams from one school can play each other for a playoff. For example, Saint Augustine’s and Shaw take some of their championship winning teams and play them against each other.

“Having the two schools come together for something simple as intramurals is a good thing for both schools,” said Kareem Thomas, a student at Saint Augustine’s University. Many students really look forward to the season not just to play but because it brings the schools together.

Students can always come to other schools to watch other students play. But unfortunately they cannot play at a different school. All the schools want to keep their students together and have enough openings for anyone interested. Most of the games are played at a somewhat late time in the day so all students can get a chance to get out of class and see the games.

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