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Living in the Raleigh area gives you access to continuing education, entertainment, volunteers, interns, employees, expanded TV and radio options and more.

CRC and Raleigh — A Winning Combination

The Raleigh area is greatly strengthened by the presence of its colleges and universities. And the college students, faculty, staff and alumni from those campuses are fortunate to have such a vibrant place for a home. CRC aims to strengthen that relationship further. Look at all of the ways Raleigh area residents can take advantage of what our colleges have to offer and how students and staff can benefit from what this area has to offer them.

Community Resources

Adult education, public events for entertainment and learning, volunteers, interns, employees, radio & TV

  • Keep Learning. Want to take courses while you’re working? Need a specific work-related certificate? Want to finish a degree you started earlier? Retired with time to finally learn at your ease? Want to try out pottery making or music lessons? These are just a few of the ways that Raleigh’s colleges can serve community members.
  • Entertainment and Stimulation. Every day of the week you can find stimulation and entertainment open to the public: Olympic-level track and field, competitive womens athletics, renowned lecturers, music, theatre and dance, art exhibits, an arboretum, and more.
  • Community Service. Do you need volunteers from among the student bodies, faculty and staff? Looking for special programs for your children? Wanting to connect with the colleges and universities for a community-based program? All CRC colleges stress service learning and involvement in the community for students, staff and faculty.
  • Get Help for Work. Looking for interns or employees? The CRC campuses have Career Centers with helpful access to current students and their college graduates. They are also always hiring for positions on their campuses.
  • Community Media. College campuses provide an interesting variety of media to the public. Shaw University has a leading jazz station in the area; Saint Augustine’s has both a radio and TV station—major sources for covering historically black college sports and other events, and NC State’s student radio station emphasizes innovative, new music and genres not offered elsewhere. CRC itself programs the area’s public access education channel.

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Raleigh Colleges and Universities

Major Economic Impact

The economy of the Raleigh area is greatly enhanced by its six longtime institutions of higher education. Even those of us most closely tied to the CRC institutions were surprised to learn the extent of that impact from the three studies we’ve had done—2007, 2013 and 2017.

See the full 2017 Economic Impact Study

Our colleges’ impact related to great K-12 education in our community

The CRC Board and a committee of leaders of the members’ education departments created a community forum that brought together people concerned about teacher preparation and retention from the business, education nonprofit, elected officials and college leadership. It was on March 2, 2016 and attracted nearly 80 participants. It was titled “Our Kids, Our Community, Our Future—Moving Toward World-Class Teacher Preparation.”

See more about our community forum on teacher education

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