Shaw students and Raleigh Television Network—a productive partnership

Shaw students + the RTN studio and Experts—a great combination for Channel 18

Shaw Mass Communications Chair Dr. Cassandra Mitchell talks about this important partnership

“The Raleigh Television Network has opened its doors to Shaw University and is providing a nice training ground for video production, says Dr. Cassandra Mitchell, Chair of the Mass Communications Department. We are in the studio creating new student-focused programming that will tell the community “What’s Up at Shaw U’ and that’s what I’m most excited about.”

“The MCO students who participate in the advanced practicum class, a senior capstone course at the university, not only gain experience with the technical and production aspects of the craft, but they also become familiar with media standards and ethics which truly regulate the field,” stated Mitchell.

“It’s truly time consuming! The MCO faculty and I are in the trenches every day, encouraging and guiding our students. We spend countless hours in the studio (and what seems like eternity in the labs with post production); yet, once we produce the final products, they air on the CRC Channel, and students call to scream pure joy about seeing their segments on television, it’s all worth it.”

“We are thankful for the collaboration, and we look forward to producing some more great shows!”

Meet Shaw Mass Comm Student Raynah Robinson

And find her videos on Channel 18

My name is Raynah Robinson, and I’m a mass communications senior at Shaw University. I’m a native of Harlem, NY, and I made my decision to attend Shaw after conversing with my great grandfather who attended Shaw back in September 1948. My grandfather did not graduate from Shaw but has always wanted one of his grands to do so. After three generations, I am walking in his footsteps. Not only am I proud to be the first in my family to attend Shaw University, but I also hope to start a legacy for future generations.

Throughout my years at Shaw I’ve taken a keen interest in video production. I love recording and editing events. I take pride in capturing moments, and I do it for three reasons: to help others, to perfect my craft, and to give back to the University. I use these events and create my own personal projects to keep me focused and to sharpen my skills. I’m very well known on campus as “the girl with a camera and a smile,” and I believe staying active on campus creates great networking opportunities and a chance to learn something new.

Other ways I stay active on campus is being a part of various organizations. That includes being a part of Shaw’s newspaper writing staff, being a part of yearbook staff ( taking photos and creating layouts), and by being a part of Shaw University’s radio station WSHA 88.9FM, “The Blaze,” a five-hour, student- produced, live show. All of these extracurricular activities keep me busy and preoccupied with learning outside of the classroom. These opportunities afford me an open mind so I can create something new and fresh for our campus.

CRC Channel 18 is currently showcasing two of my projects, the Shaw University Homecoming DJ Battle and the Shaw University Football Media Day. These two videos are a clear example of how I stay active. I made these videos in order to create a fan base for Shaw and the Football program, and they are now being aired throughout Raleigh, NC and Wake County. The DJ Battle was one of my favorite events during Homecoming, I had the opportunity to interact with the crowd and capture students in our element. To mentor our up-and-coming students, I had a few freshmen and sophomores shadow me, so that shows how important team work is to our mass communications program.

My other project, Media Day, was filmed to create a visual story about our football team. Media Day was an event where the players, coaches and supporters got together to discuss the season and their game plan. When I started editing I wanted to make it interesting to watch and to build suspense and anticipation for the season. After I released the video, the Information Director gave me an opportunity to film more events and segments for all sports teams. I can truly say that taking initiative around campus can lead to bigger future projects.

Now in my final year at Shaw University I can see how each internship and project has helped me better myself to perform on a professional level. So far, I’ve interned with Shaw University’s football program, iTeam Radio, K97.5 Radio and AM Raleigh. I’m grateful for having such great professors who push me and encourage me to do the work. My department chair and professors are always providing opportunities, and for that I’m thankful. What I like most about creating videos is capturing the story and giving a new look to an event while showcasing my vision. One day I look to own a corporation that will give back and open doors for young ambitious students. I will truly remember my start-up days at Shaw University and try to pay it forward.

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